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Men are called on to join forces in cooperatives or associations for self-development


Jun 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 16th (ABP) – Farmers, stockbreeders and traders appreciate membership in cooperatives or development associations, said the leader of the Twisununure cooperative, Mr. André Hatungimana, in an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

Mr. Hatungimana said they founded that cooperative in 2019 to fight against unemployment, and they are 40 men.

On that occasion, he recalled that this cooperative is made up of farmers, stockbreeders and traders. It is located in Bujumbura city council, Ntahangwa commune, Gihosha zone opposite the Secondary Technical School (ETS). He added that the main objective of that cooperative is to buy goats and sheep in all the provinces of Burundi to sell them in the Bujumbura city.

Through that profession, he testified that they are currently able to meet the needs of their families because, he said, they have a lot of clients. Those who have parties, restaurants and bars come in large numbers to buy them, he testified.

He took that opportunity to invite the other men who are at home to join forces in cooperatives because unity is strength, and to create their jobs for self-development.