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Residents of Kabarore commune are invited to give no way to food and mineral fraudsters


Jun 1, 2021

KAYANZA JUNE 1st (ABP) – The inhabitants of Kabarore commune in Kayanza province (northern Burundi) are called upon to give no way to fraud in the production, that is, food, industrial crops and minerals because this practice arouses the development of countries other than Burundi. The appeal was made on Saturday May 29, 2021 by Berchimans Nsaguye, administrator of Kabarore, after the activities of tracing a road connecting Kabarore commune to Kayanza and Muruta communes, all of Kayanza province. Those activities took place on Rusambi hill, a check by ABP revealed.

During those works, which saw the participation of the inhabitants from the peripheral villages of that road, which had become impracticable while it dates from the Belgian colonization, the communal authority in Kabarore asked his people to protect the roads already drawn. Mr. Nsaguye also recommended them to build peace and tighten security while controlling the movement of people new to their localities.

Administrator Nsaguye called on all residents, without distinction, to fight against that practice and to denounce fraudsters or anyone who attempts to fraudulently export to Rwanda, the production which should benefit Burundians.

Note that shortly before those activities of tracing that road of Rusambi, the communal administrator of Kabarore joined the inhabitants from the Ruhinga village in the work of diverting water from the Kayave River to complete the rehabilitation of the bridge built on that river which has collapsed lately.