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Communal administrators are recommended to take all measures aimed at fighting against bush fires during this summer period


Jun 1, 2021

KAYANZA JUNE 1st (ABP) – Communal administrators in Kayanza province (northern Burundi) are asked to take all necessary measures to give no way to any element likely to threaten security, especially by strengthening the joint security committees.

This was an appeal made to them on Friday May 28 by the chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, during a security assessment meeting organized in May and to discuss the projects being implemented by the communes’ own funds, a check by ABP revealed.

During that meeting, Mr. Ndikumana focused on the weekly and circumstantial reports provided by the communal administrators and thus declared that security is generally good despite the cases of road accidents often due to speeding. He thus asked the communal administrators to remain vigilant all the more since criminals have been throwing grenades at the peaceful people in certain provinces in recent days.

As we are drawing near to the dry season, Mr. Ndikumana urged communal administrators to do everything to curb the bush fires. The administrators of the communes bordering the Kibira nature forest such as Muruta, Kabarore and Matongo were thus called on to draw firewalls and limit the paths leading to that nature reserve. They must suspend certain activities that could be the source of fires such as the search for wild honey, bamboo, firewood, and the like. The chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza took the opportunity to warn that arsonists who will be caught will be severely punished.

On the same occasion, the communal administrators were also recommended to do everything possible to effectively fight against fraud, corruption, economic embezzlement and prohibited drinks without forgetting the supervision of State officials so that they serve a mirror in society.