• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The galloping demographics and the deterioration of the education sector remain a concern for the natives of the Kayanza commune


Mar 21, 2024

KAYANZA March 21st (ABP) – Natives and residents of the Kayanza commune and province (north) met on March 17, 2024, in the provincial headquarters, to assess the achievements of the past year and the prospects. of future. The discussions focused mainly on the issue relating to the high birth rate and the educational sector which tends to deteriorate. The Minister of Interior, Community Development and Public Security Martin Niteretse, the secretary of the new province of Butanyerera within the CNDD-FDD party Mr. Ferdinand Habimana, the governor of Kayanza Rémy Cishahayo and other native executives or working in the Kayanza commune, participated in this meeting.

In their respective speeches, they placed particular emphasis on the education sector. For them, more efforts must be made to restore their image. With this in mind, the natives of the commune have agreed to set up an education support fund which will allow even indigent students to have a building rented to them by the commune upon their arrival at the university due to the fact that, some winners of the state exam miss the opportunity to continue with higher education due to lack of financial means.

The natives of the Kayanza commune also addressed the issue relating to the high birth rate and the galloping demographics. For some, there is a risk of not achieving the national vision 2040-2060 unless births are planned.

For Minister Niteretse, the most astonishing thing is that the couples who give birth to a lot are those who languish in poverty, which he described as a crime against children. With this in mind, he suggested intensifying awareness-raising in order to encourage couples to limit births.

Given that there is already a project to pave the urban roads of Kayanza, residents of the Gitaramuka, Giswahili and Kirwati districts were invited to clear the constructions put in the places where they received compensation. Note that the meeting was closed by the exchange of wishes between the natives of the aforementioned commune.