• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

The Minister in charge of ICT speaks about the increase in thefts via Lumicash and Ecocash


Feb 27, 2024

BUJUMBURA February 27th (ABP) – The Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, Mrs. Léocadie Ndacayisaba, hosted a press conference on Friday February 23, 2024, in relation to the increase in cases of theft via Lumicash and Ecocash and other registered cases of fraud, using information and communication technologies.

Mrs. Ndacayisaba noted that for some time such cases have been recorded, even during visits by members of the Government throughout the country, the people informed them of the cases of theft of electronic money.

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Returning to those cases of theft, Minister Ndacayisaba pointed out the multiplicity of such cases. On the one hand in terms of transferring or withdrawing money where either user become victims of theft or the agents themselves, on the other hand being victims of phone theft.

To stop that phenomenon, Mrs. Ndacayisaba announced a series of measures. Regarding users of mobile phones, she recommended that to prevent theft of money data from electronic accounts or simply theft of phones, the latter must keep in mind that the phone is personal, in case of crimes committed using their phones they will be responsible. In the event of loss, she asked them to make a declaration of loss as soon as possible to the authorized bodies (the ARCT and the Police).

For other cases of telephone fraud, she called for greater vigilance by inquiring about the veracity of the information transmitted to them (job offers, visas), requesting payments from them.

Regarding the agents, she called for more vigilance to prevent those cases of theft. In the event of thefts, she invited them to call number 163 as soon as possible, the stolen money will then be directly frozen, while informing, in the event of theft with tangible evidence, either by transferring or withdrawing money. money, the money will be returned to him within three days.

Regarding operators, she called for the protection of users, so as not to be victims following ICT falling either under the responsibility of the operator itself or the staff.

For Mrs. Ndacayisaba, operators are required to inform their customers each time new features are introduced on the network, so that they are not victims of the disappointments caused by those new features.

In terms of transfer or withdrawal of electronic money, those operators are required, first of all, to train the agents who will be sent to the field.

Mobile telephone operators have been called upon to protect the personal data of customers, if the latter is not requested by the authorized bodies. As a last resort, those operators are asked to provide assistance to victims of money or telephone theft.

Mrs. Ndacayisaba wanted to announce other measures that will be taken at the Government level. She announced the establishment of a platform which brings together the ARCT, mobile telephone operators and the police, to allow everyone to use their help and be served as quickly as possible, without however traveling to Bujumbura where the seats are located.

The ministry in charge of ICT intends to collaborate with the public prosecutor to open files in the event of tangible evidence of theft. She also informed that awareness campaigns will be initiated among users to prevent such cases of theft. In that regard, messages will be transmitted via the media, churches and in public spaces, according to the minister in charge of ICT.

Regarding the legal framework, she specified that in order to comply with international regulations on cybercrime and cybersecurity, regulatory texts are being prepared and will be presented for approval to the Government, so that Burundi ratifies the international convention on cybercrime and the international convention on cybersecurity.