• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Vaccination of calves against theileriosis disease


Feb 22, 2024

NGOZI, February 22nd (ABP) – The NGO ACORD has carried out vaccination against theileriosis disease since last Friday. This activity, which is carried out as part of the Accelerated Innovation Delivery Initiative Project AID-I GRL Kugwiza, aims to immunize 300 calves (male and female) against the disease which is raging among calves and which is the cause of several deaths.

The objective of the vaccination is to contribute to the good health of cattle and the repopulation of the herd, especially since many programs have distributed cattle in different districts of the country. The calves targeted are those aged between three months and one year from the communes of Ngozi, Marangara and Mwumba.

The beneficiaries say they are very encouraged by the vaccination. Emmanuel Nduwimana from Mushitsi village of Mwumba commune met on the site specified: “I am a young breeder with two cows and two sheep. I am very happy with this vaccination. Theileriosis is very dangerous because it has already killed many calves in our village. In addition, it is very expensive when it comes to treating affected calves.

According to Mr. Nduwimana, treating a single calf costs no less than 20,000 BIF. It often even happens that the calf dies after all these expenses. He asks breeders to stop neglecting and vaccinate their calves.

ACORD Burundi, through its AID-I GRL Kugwiza project, plans to vaccinate another 600 calves, including 300 in Cibitoke province and 300 others in Bubanza. This project aims to improve the resilience, food and nutritional security of communities through the dissemination of innovations. It distributes improved seeds, fodder varieties more suited to the needs of breeders, carries out vaccination against theileriosis and artificial insemination of cattle.