• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

The Head of State positively appreciates the socio-security situation prevailing in the country


Feb 12, 2024

KIRUNDO, February 12th (ABP) – Burundi Head of State Evariste Ndayishimiye held a meeting on Friday, February 9, 2024, at the headquarters of Kirundo province (northeast of Burundi) for the members of the quadrilogy (Justice, law enforcement, administration and people), with the aim of assessing the socio-security situation which prevails in the interior of the country, the spokesperson for the President of the Republic, Mrs. Rosine Guilène Gatoni, told the press.

Mrs. Gatoni indicated that based on the discussions and reports submitted to the Head of State, it turned out that the socio-security situation is very good throughout the national territory, although there are exceptions. The President of the Republic asked the audience to continue strengthening synergy in order to track down and do everything possible so that the people of Burundi can live in complete peace and harmony.

Regarding the security situation, Mrs. Gatoni said that after the presentation of the report, certain crimes were observed, such as cases of theft, destruction of fields, etc.

The Head of State asked the quadrilogy to keep ensuring that those cases are tracked down as a matter of not threatening the peace of the people. He called on those who have conflicts to contact the relevant bodies so that they can be resolved according to regulations or amicably.

Concerning the justice sector, the spokesperson for the Head of State said that since the President of the Republic took charge of this sector in order to establish the rule of law in Burundi, once the quadrilogy meets, there is an evolution in relation to the improvement of justice. There are fewer and fewer complaints from the people who suffer cases of corruption or injustice by bodies that are supposed to provide justice to them.

                                                                                         View of the attendees

The Head of State thus encouraged those involved in that sector so that those who have not yet awakened their consciousness can change their behavior and do justice to everyone.

Regarding the economic aspect, the synergy among the quadrilogy has already shown good results. Today, there are fewer and fewer cases of fraud, and even those who try to sabotage Burundi’s economy are increasingly identified and brought to the competent authorities for appropriate decisions. The Head of State recommended correcting the disorder that has arisen in certain sectors, but also establishing discipline in all socio-economic sectors of the country so that public property is protected.

According to Mrs. Gatoni, the Head of State also asked the audience to stay alongside the people, to encourage them towards development projects for the full achievement of the 2040-2060 vision, and not to let themselves be distracted by certain groups that try to destabilize the peace of the people with false information, especially on social media, which aim for nothing other than to confuse the people who are already engaged in development work.