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Cibitoke CDPRF beneficiaries satisfied with its services


Feb 4, 2024

CIBITOKE January 31st (ABP) – The Dave Center for Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation (CDPRF) in Cibitoke has been serving the population of Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi) and its surroundings for four years.

That private company emerged from a physiotherapy service which was initially based inside Cibitoke hospital.

According to the head of nursing, Me Jean Nsabiyaremye, the growing number of patients who use that center forced him to move to find large premises.

Thus, the CDPRF has found its own buildings and treats patients from Cibitoke and Bubanza provinces that have physical disabilities and different disabilities. Even Congolese people frequent that center.

The beneficiaries of CDPRF services contacted by the ABP testified, in turn, about the benefits of the said center.

Mrs. Adèle Nahishakiye revealed to the ABP the case of her little girl with Down syndrome. She had her treated from the age of seven months in Bujumbura, at the Saint Kizito center. So she would have to spend a lot of money for the ticket three times a week. She said that the CDPRF came as a response for her and the entire population of Cibitoke province. She expressed her satisfaction for the care that that center gave to her child with Down syndrome until curing him of his physical disability, she said, rejoicing that he was starting to speak. She also indicates that she underwent physiotherapy sessions at the CDPRF for six months, which helped her cure her back pain.

Mrs. Dorine Irakoze spoke of the physical disability of her child from birth, which was able to get up and walk at two years old, after various treatments he received.

Mrs. Chantal Kwizerimana, caregiver for her paralyzed mother, expressed her satisfaction with the care given to her and which, little by little, is helping her emerge from her situation of paralysis on one side and in her limbs. She pointed out that her mother had even lost her language and that, had it not been for that center, she would have died.

All CDPRF beneficiaries converge in praising the services offered to patients by that center, in addition to avoiding long distances, which should be done for that type of care, either in Bujumbura, Gitega or Makamba.

As physiotherapy requires a lot of time, the chief nursing officer of the CDPRF specified that patience is required to awaken the brain which controls the disabled parts. In addition, the CDPRF welcomes the majority of vulnerable patients and adheres to the government’s measure of free care for children under five years old. It also provides free accommodation for patients coming from areas far from the center, we learned on site. That center has around thirty units for its nursing staff and several services such as orthopedics, physiotherapy, laboratory, psychosocial care, medical office and others, indicated Mr. Nsabiyaremye, inviting the population to use that center. However, the head of nursing calls on partners to help the center be able to feed patients who have difficulty finding food.

As for medicines, the center collaborates with the MFP and the ministry in charge of Solidarity for indigent patients, said Mr. Nsabiyaremye, noting that the CDPRF plans to build, in the near future, a school for the specialized education for children with specific needs and a canteen for the benefit of patients with precarious living conditions. In its future prospects, the same center plans to build a building with ramps and special toilets for the disabled.