• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Fishermen and sellers advocate for modern methods of preserving Lake Tanganyika products


Jan 18, 2024

RUMONGE January 18th (ABP) – Fishermen and sellers of Lake Tanganyika products remain concerned about the means of preserving their products. That is when production from Lake Tanganyika has increased in recent days.

According to the fishermen met at the fishing spot in Rumonge, Nyamunyamu and Mukeke type fish are in abundance following the climate prevailing during those days.

Like the sellers, those fishermen indicate that they often record losses when production is high due to the lack of modern methods of preserving their products. They are pleading for equipment that can help them preserve fresh fish for a long time.

On the consumer side, it is a great joy for them. It is flour that costs them dearly those days, otherwise, they add, fish are in abundance.

Those words are confirmed when we go to the fishing spot in Rumonge. On the morning of January 16, 2024, a pile of Nyamunyamu type Ndagala sufficient for a family was purchased at 2000 BIF while a consumer with a 5000 BIF note bought 5 or 6 medium sized Mukeke type fish.

Some of the sellers also prefer to dry unpurchased fish to be sold later.