• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The provincial committee responsible for monitoring fuel distribution is called upon to check whether that activity is being carried out in an orderly fashion


May 24, 2024

RUMONGE, 21 May (ABP) –The irregularities observed in the distribution of fuel have been judged to be disruptive to security. That was said on Monday, 20 May 2024, by the provincial police commissioner in Rumonge, at a security meeting organised by the governor of Rumonge province, Léonard Niyonsaba, for the heads of provincial services.

During the meeting, the provincial police commissioner for Rumonge province said that security was good throughout the province, except that there were homeless households whose houses and fields had been flooded by the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika.

He also pointed out that irregularities in the distribution of fuel at filling stations are disrupting security among the population.

According to him, there are cases of fuel fraud between distributors and some consumers.

The heads of provincial services and the owners of transport vehicles and motorbikes are implicated in those irregularities, as the provincial police commissioner in Rumonge pointed out. According to him, the fuel that was supposed to be served transparently is being sold on the black market, where a litre and a half of petrol costs around 26,000 BIF.

It emerged from the meeting that the fuel sold on the black market comes from consumers who receive large quantities from service stations, while others receive not even a drop. They called for transparency and vigilance on the part of the members of the provincial committee in charge of fuel distribution, in order to avoid those irregularities, which are causing discontent among the population and hampering services.

The governor of Rumonge province therefore asked the members of the provincial committee responsible for fuel distribution to maintain order at all times when distributing fuel. The police are called in to help enforce that order.

In the fight against fraud, the provincial commissioner reported that on 13 May, 55 loincloths, 6 cartons of sachets and 60 packets of chicata tobacco were seized by the police. The driver of the taxi bike carrying those items was brought to justice. The police are in pursuit of the owner, who got away.