• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Assessment of the security situation during the end-of-year celebrations


Jan 5, 2024

MURAMVYA, January 5th (ABP) – The governor of Muramvya province (central-west Burundi), Mr. Euphrem Ndikumasabo, held on Wednesday January 3, 2024, in his office, a meeting to assess the security situation which prevailed during the of the end-of-year and the beginning of the year 2024 celebrations.

The session was attended by officials from law enforcement and security forces, justice, communal administration and police officers, a check by ABP revealed.

The participants, in turn, reported that the end-of-year celebrations took place peacefully in the five communes of the Muramvya province. Nevertheless, it was deplored that during the last days of the year 2023, there are criminals who have arrogated to themselves the right damaging other people’s fields in the Biganda and Muramvya villages, as well as attempted livestock theft.

Speaking of the challenges which haunt the provincial services and which disrupt their work, the prosecutor’s office of the Republic notably raised the lack of typewriters which have become unusable due to the lack of spare parts, and the insufficient staff in the secretary office, which delays the finalization of investigation files.

Governor Ndikumasabo has, to that end, reassured that the province will just provide the costs of purchasing the parts necessary for the said machines for operation and for the problem to be resolved.

Regarding other challenges, they mentioned those that harm road safety. They spoke about the case of bikers who exceed the number of people to be carried on a motorcycle, illegal passengers or others riding behind trucks (the practice commonly known as “Dunyuri”).

To discourage this type of transport, Governor Ndikumasabo recommended that security officials arrest offenders and punish them vigorously to definitively break with their practices because, he said, they are the ones who are often at the origin of driving accidents.

Among other recommendations from this security meeting are the regular holding of such meetings by each commune, the fight against impunity, corruption and fraud at the level of all services so that the image of Muramvya province remains radiant.

Governor Ndikumasabo recalled that all participants in that security assessment meeting are real drivers of provincial life in terms of administration, security and justice because they are the first decision-makers in their institutions.