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A sigh of relief for the inhabitants of Mugoboka following the stabilization of the slippery terrain opposite the Ntahangwa River


Dec 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA December 21st (ABP) – Residents of the Mugoboka district in the Rohero zone in Bujumbura town hall are delighted with the redevelopment work on the lands in front of the Ntahangwa river, we learned on site Monday December 18, 2023.

That work constitutes an effective response to an alarm bell that has been ringing since 2020.

During more than 6 months of work, a few places have already stabilized and the residents of that neighborhood are delighted. Mr. Emmanuel Kwizera, met near his cabaret, addresses his thanks to the authorized authorities for that intervention. “We are delighted with that work because that road leading to Mugoboka II was completely impassable. But currently, pedestrians pass normally.”

” It is a good initiative. That intervention came at the right time,” added Ms. Nadine Kwizera. “My shop was on the verge of being demolished by those landslides. There were quite a few houses already collapsed and others threatened with collapse. We are overjoyed,” she said.

It is the same feeling for the head of the Mugoboka district who also expresses his joy with regard to the progress of the work. However, he announced other places still in an impassable state, notably on the sides of the road linking Mugoboka I and II.

Following the persistence of the fuel shortage, workers are complaining of technical unemployment which is disrupting said work. Remember that since 05/25/2023, two of the three places requiring rehabilitation in the Mugoboka district have already been rehabilitated and are in good condition.