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The cooperative of young entrepreneurs for development, an inspiration for other young people


Dec 15, 2023

BUJUMBURA December 14th (ABP) – The cooperative called “Cooperative of young entrepreneurs for development” is a work of 15 young people who found themselves unemployed and decided to do something to develop themselves, mainly location of the Nyabiraba commune, Mr. Anicet Ndayisaba, president of that cooperative, told ABP last week.

He noted that they have diverse backgrounds. He is a laureate of the Agricultural Technical Institute (ITAB), another member is a veterinarian and other expertise. They started with potato cultivation then set up a veterinary pharmacy in the headquarters of the Nyabiraba commune.

They did not have working capital given their state, but each brought a small capital of 50 thousand BIF to start and they registered their cooperative with ANACOOP, in order to have documents to contract a debt with Coopec, said Mr. Ndayisaba. That loan has propelled us a lot, he rejoiced, adding that it is almost at the end of its repayment. According to him, they hired two permanent employees and seasonal workers. Mr. Ndayisaba advises young people to keep in mind that everything comes from the effort made and to roll up their sleeves to work.