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The Vice-President of the Republic participated in the construction works of the royal stadium


Dec 2, 2023

MURAMVYA November 29th (ABP) – The Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, Prosper Bazombanza, together with the elected representatives of the native people and the governor of Muramvya province (central-west), Ephraïm Ndikumasabo, joined the population of that locality in the community works linked to the mixing of concrete and the paving of the stands of the royal stadium of Muramvya, a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

Mr. Bazombanza, in his speech, formulated a good number of advices to the population concerning self-development by calling on everyone to establish their work plan and the related annual budget (PTBA) so that everyone can assess.

He added that that procedure helps to correct, in time, imperfections occurring in the annual action plans of communes and provinces. He indicated that to plan community works or family development work, one must ask oneself about the activity to be planned, the procedures for its execution, the budget allocated to that activity and its origin. When implementing the activity, certain questions should be asked. It is in that sense that the vice-president suggested carrying out the monitoring-evaluation gradually, that is to say every two, three or six months until the effective success of the planned activity. Mr. Bazombanza called on the population to slowly but surely get involved in the vision of Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060. He also raised awareness among the population on tax citizenship, the fight against all forms of injustice and tax fraud. benefit from social cohesion and the safeguarding of peace and security for sustainable development.

In his welcoming speech, Governor Ndikumasabo welcomed the participation of the Vice-President of the Republic in that development work in the province. That provincial authority took the opportunity to ask the natives, economic operators and friends of the Muramvya province to make their share of contribution to be able to complete the construction of the modern royal stadium.

That was an opportunity for Mr. Oscar Ndizeye, legal representative of the Royal Insurance Company, to officially contribute 40 bags of cement from his own family, accompanied by a check equivalent to 50 bags of cement from the part of the institution represented for the construction of the royal stadium.

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