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Joint descent of a team from the French Embassy and a delegation from the ministry responsible for community development


Dec 2, 2023

CANKUZO November 29th (ABP) – The team from the French Embassy in Burundi and the delegation from the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security paid a visit to the “Terimbere Mukenyezi” cooperative on November 23, 2023, shona ushaze” of the Cankuzo village and commune, set up and supported by the local association for the fight against poverty ALCPU-RUMURI.

                                          View of the participants

The coordinator of the PISCCA project of the French Embassy in Burundi, Ms. Nadège Iyengayenge, indicated that that visit is intended to inquire about the progress of that cooperative.

She indicated that the creation of that aims at the integrated development of the population. She added that it is time to move from words to actions that have an impact on the ground.

The advisor to the coordination directorate of the country’s development partners within the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Abraham Niyongabo welcomed the activities of the French Embassy team and urged the members of that cooperative to take advantage of that opportunity to develop themselves and their families.

According to him, women must also be part of the race towards the emergence of the country in 2040.

The communal administrator of Cankuzo Mrs. Chantal Irakoze, for her part, requested the extension of land in that communality and support for the population in other sectors.

As for the women of the “Terimbere Mukenyezi, shona ushaze” cooperative, they expressed their feeling of satisfaction indicating that that cooperative was created at the right time. They affirmed that when they worked, each on their own, the output was unsatisfactory and varied between 35 thousand to 120 thousand BIF per month.

To that end, they promised to concentrate possible efforts for the remarkable profitability of sewing, an activity of their choice to be implemented in that cooperative which will be equipped with 60 sewing machines and other equipment.

Note that that visit was carried out at a time when all the 60 women members of the cooperative “Terimbere Mukenyezi, shona ushaze” were in training on entrepreneurship and the management of cooperative companies.