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A sewing cooperative trains young people in Mabayi commune


Nov 24, 2023

CIBITOKE, November 24th (ABP) – Young people trained in sewing, in Mabayi commune, Cibitoke province, testify that they have learned the tasks necessary for manufacturing clothing. Mrs. Emerencienne Hafashimana and her comrades told a check by ABP that after a theoretical year at the Mabayi parish, and a year of practice at the “Abajamugambi” cooperative, they are able to take measurements, make cuts, to be able to make clothing, according to customer expectations.

They indicated that they are currently making uniforms for many pupils at the Mabayi center. They appreciate the success of those who learned sewing, with that cooperative of former sewers.

According to the latter, some have built houses, managed to send their children to school, others have bought cultivable properties, and others.

They plan to create sewing workshops like the one in Abajamugambi, to practice the profession well, practice the sewing models already learned and invent others.

As for André Nahimana, deputy leader of the “Abajamugambi” cooperative, his 15-year-old cooperative is known to the people of Mabayi commune and others, for its experience and its laureates in the sewing profession. Had it not been for the accidental fire which took away more than fifteen machines and other equipment, the cooperative would have made a lot of progress, he said.

Nevertheless, its activities continue, and the members of the cooperative who works as a team of six have been teaching sewing to many young people for years, he said. Following its experience, centers which teach young people the notions of sewing, request internships for the practice at the “Abajamugambi” cooperative, for 10,000 Burundian francs per young person per month, he reported. For new sewing learners, they pay 200,000 BIF per year, and to learn the bulk of models ordered by customers.

In its future prospects, the “Abajamugambi” cooperative plans to rehabilitate and extend the home to the workshop, buy many machines for its learners, and increase its capital, according to its deputy leader.