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The Vice President of the Republic has taken part in community work in Mugongomanga


Nov 14, 2023

BUJUMBURA, November 14th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, joined the people of Mugongomanga on Saturday, November 11, 2023, in community development work, which consisted of the maintenance of a road joining the Jenda and Kankima zones, despite the rain and the slippery road.

Vice President Bazombanza thanked the people of Mugongomanga commune for their massive participation in community development work. He urged them to engage in the activities of which they are capable and the State will intervene in the most expensive works. He called on them to roll up their sleeves to increase food production, by drawing the contour lines on which fixing herbs must be grown, and can be used to feed domestic animals.

Regarding the rabbit farming policy, Mr. Bazombanza urged the people of Mugongomanga to raise a lot of rabbits while promising them the flow market and the surplus will be exported and the country will have foreign currency.

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He winked at the pupils, reminding them not to cross their arms, since the first term is coming to an end. Rather, they must prepare for quizzes and exams to get good scores.

The Vice President of the Republic also invited parents to have their children vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule of the expanded vaccination program and to observe household hygiene in order to fight against dirty-hand diseases. He informed the people of that locality that cholera is already reported in Bujumbura province and contamination can take place. He asked them to inform the administrative and health authorities when an affected case is suspected.

He also stressed that the Burundian population is increasing at a very high rate and protection does not go hand in hand with it. It is in that context that Mr. Bazombanza called on parents of childbearing age and young people to follow family planning programs by limiting births.

In her welcoming remarks, the administrator of the Mugongomanga commune, Mrs. Consolate Ndayisaba, indicated that this road was chosen for its obvious economic interest. She indicated that in that locality, a lot of potatoes and maize have been harvested, adding that farmers need a passable road to sell their production to the center of Ijenda, where the wholesalers of the economic capital can obtain their supplies easily. She pointed out that the people are engaged in rabbit farming; five rabbits per household, and the commune started that type of livestock with 50 rabbits, and it intends to increase its number up to 100 rabbits so that the people should have where to get supplies.