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Those responsible for punishing the wrongdoers should opt for solutions that do not put the people in loss


Nov 8, 2023

RUTANA November 6th (ABP) – Any representative of the people should carry out their mission in accordance with the law so that the country is in peace and that citizens have facilities in their development work, indicated the ombudsman of the Burundi Mrs. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana in a meeting she held for administrative officials and village notables, on Thursday, November 2, 2023 in the Headquarters of the province of Rutana. Mrs. Kanyana clarified that leaders must not only wait for residents of the constituencies under their responsibility to come and present problems to them in order to find solutions, but they must also participate in the development of the country.

                                                                 View of the participants

With regard to the punishment of those at fault, the Burundi Ombudsman called on the authorities with that responsibility to opt for solutions that do not put the population at risk. She gave an example of motorcycles which are often temporarily seized for a long time in police stations because of the faults of their drivers. She recalled that the seizure of documents from the vehicle and the application of punishment against the driver at fault could help ensure that the owner continues to use the motorcycle with a driver who is in order. For the case of legal proceedings between residents and state institutions, Mrs. Kanyana pointed out that those concerned should be humble and come forward whenever necessary. That was when some of the participants who spoke mentioned different cases where individuals appeared before judges on numerous occasions without the accused institutions being represented.

Some of the notable village residents who spoke before the ombudsman indicated their need for tools that could make their task easier in their daily work, such as measuring rods that they use when sharing land with families who entrust themselves to them. She called on the judges of the residence courts to wait for reports from local notables each time they receive complaints from residents.