• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

A drinking water supply is being constructed


Nov 3, 2023

RUTANA October 31st (ABP) – The second vice-president of the Senate, Fabrice Nkurunziza went, on Friday October 27, 2023, to Ruranga village in Bukemba commune of Rutana province, to assess the state of progress of construction work on a drinking water supply.

                                           View of the water pond under construction in Ruranga village

That construction being carried out by the non-governmental organization World Vision, in collaboration with the government of Burundi, through its rural water supply and sanitation agency (AHAMR), will extend over a distance of 15 km, to supply the Ruranga village with drinking water.

Mr. Nkurunziza estimated that the rate of people suffering from illnesses linked to lack of drinking water will be reduced in that constituency when that water supply begins to operate.

He also thanked the population of that village who accepted that that water supply was built and who made the task easier for those who built it.

Concerning the AHAMR which will have to carry out 30% of the entire realization of that project, but which has not yet started its work, that authority called on them to get to work as soon as possible so that the population does not have to wait a long time to receive drinking water after the end of World Vision’s work.

Mr. Nkurunziza called on the people of Ruranga to treat those constructions as a good father because it is they who will benefit from them. For the local administrative staff, he called on them to ensure that the people respect not only that supply, but also the water source so that there is sufficient water there forever.

The inhabitants of the said village who spoke to the Burundi News Agency, noted their sign of satisfaction at having drinking water in the future, which was never there until now, which was also confirmed by the second vice-president of the Burundian Senate, a native of the Bukemba commune.

Mrs. Daphrose Ntiharirizwa, owner of a restaurant on Ruranga village, welcomes the current project and said that investing in a restaurant requires a large quantity of water. She testified that a twenty-liter container of water costs her five hundred Burundian francs to reach the center of Ruranga and that price negatively affects her work. She hopes that the achievements of World Vision and AHAMR will make her work easier when they are completed.