• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Membership in cooperatives contributes to development, the CELFV leader says


Nov 8, 2023

BUJUMBURA, November 8th (ABP) – The leader of the Episcopal Commission for the Laity, Family and Life (CELFV), Mgr. Salvator Niciteretse, calls on women and girls to team up in associations or cooperatives to develop, he said this on  Monday, October 6, 2023, during the opening of a training workshop for 64 community facilitators organized by the CELFV, in collaboration with the Guarantee and Support Impulse Fund (FIGA), as part of the official launch of the “Giriteka” project.

Mgr. Niciteretse said that this training aimed to raise awareness and build the capacities of community women’s cooperatives (CFC) and to discuss access to financing, through financial institutions for socio-economic self-development, for the girls and women of the coast of Lake Tanganyika and the Rusizi plain.

The leader of the CELFV said that they chose girls and women because the latter are the pillars of the home. He added that if the family is not strong in its self-development, even the word of God does not exist in the home. To that end, he recalled that membership in cooperatives plays an important role in the life of a Burundian woman or girl.

                                                  The director of FIGA, Mrs. Olga Munyampundu

Mgr. Niciteretse declared that the “Giriteka” project comes as a solution for girls and women in the Rusizi region and the coast of Lake Tanganyika because this project will carry out activities to support women and girls in six provinces such as Bujumbura city council, Bujumbura, Cibitoke, Rumonge, Makamba and Bubanza.

For her part, the director of FIGA, Mrs. Olga Munyampundu, specified that to support the vision of the Burundian government to see emerging Burundi in 2040 and developed Burundi in 2060, it is necessary for girls and women to engage in development projects of development by teaming up in cooperatives or associations for self-development.

Mrs. Munyampundu made a strong appeal to women and girls to join associations or cooperatives to put their ideas together and self-develop because FIGA will spare no effort to support them.