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Two associations from Kiganda and Rukanda villages have received 50 cows


Nov 7, 2023

BURURI, November 7th (ABP) – Members of two community associations from the Kiganda and Rukanda villages in the Gasanda zone, Bururi commune, benefited in the afternoon of November 3, 2023, from a donation of 50 cows of improved breed from the Burundi Landscape Restoration and Resilience project.

The coordinator of the Burundi landscape restoration and resilience project, Mrs. Odette Kayitesi, indicated that the aim of the said project is to participate in improving the living conditions of communities through soil fertilization using manure.

Another objective that Mrs. Kayitesi pointed out is to curb the exploitation of the forest nature reserve by local people, to protect this ecosystem heritage, by seeking the resources they need.

The chief of staff in the office of the governor of Bururi province, Juvent Ndayikeza, invited the beneficiaries of those cows to strictly respect the chain of community solidarity.

Note that the communal authority and veterinary technicians will monitor that livestock population. Thermometers and medicines were also provided.