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The CNDD-FDD Secretary General participated in the community development works in Musigati commune


Nov 3, 2023

BUBANZA October 30th (ABP) – Various authorities in Burundi, such as the Secretary General (SG) of the CNDD-FDD political party Réverien Ndikuriyo and the president of the Constitutional Court, Valentin Bagorikunda, have joined forces with the inhabitants of the Musigati commune in works of community development on Saturday October 28, which consisted of the concreting of 12 classrooms at Musigati 1 Basic School.

In his speech, Mr. Ndikuriyo invited the inhabitants of Bubanza province to take advantage of security, which is a reality, for their self-development and that of the country. He called on them to organize into self-development cooperatives, and to concentrate efforts on agro-pastoral projects, especially with products that can earn foreign currency. He also asked them to think about processing units for those agro-pastoral products. To the administrative staff, the Secretary General of the ruling party asked them to mobilize the people, in favor of the implementation of the Government’s programs and orientations. He promises to advocate for the Bubanza province, in favor of the rehabilitation of RN 9 (Bujumbura-Bubanza), the construction of the Kajeke irrigation dam and other provincial development projects. The other promise being the construction of a school in Muyebe in Musigati commune and the donation of 100 bags of cement for the continued construction of that Musigati1 Basic School. Note that the Secretary General of the party proceeded to the inauguration of the village office of Musigati of his party. He also built a house for one of the vulnerable people in that Musigati commune.