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No interruption of classes in schools affected by bad weather in Cibitoke


Nov 3, 2023

CIBITOKE November 3rd (ABP) – The provincial director in charge of education in Cibitoke, Joseph Nyandwi encourages those responsible for schools, recently affected by bad weather, to do everything so that there is no more interruption of classes. He asked them to manage, in collaboration with the students’ parents and certain educational partners, so that learning continues, while waiting for appropriate solutions.

That appeal was launched after bad weather in the last two weeks of October destroyed at least 74 classrooms in five DCEs in the school province of Cibitoke, according to data from the circumstance’s reports. Look, 32 classrooms were disheveled or destroyed by torrential rain mixed with violent wind, according to the circumstances report. In Rugombo commune, at least 15 classrooms and nine latrines were destroyed by the bad weather observed last week in October. In Murwi commune, the administration reports a total of eight classrooms destroyed by rain mixed with violent wind. In Mabayi commune, the report reported seven classrooms, while in Buganda commune the number of destroyed classrooms reached 10 rooms, alongside around ten collapsed latrines, according to information from the reports. In addition to those infrastructures reported here and there, various educational materials have not been spared, according to our sources. However, although the provincial director of education encourages school directors to make arrangements to avoid interrupting learning, he revealed to us that his management does not have the financial means to contribute to one or the other repair with regard to damage linked to bad weather, only reports are sent to the service of the guardian ministry, in charge of emergency management. As for the principals of the affected schools, sometimes it is difficult to manage the situation, depending on the severity of the damage. They welcome the support of certain NGOs, notably World Vision international Burundi, Right To Play and RET. They ask for a fund to be provided to help schools in the event of such disasters.