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Provincial meeting to capitalize on the achievements of the PAGRIS project


Nov 8, 2023

CIBITOKE November 6th (ABP) – A provincial technical exchange meeting, organized by Twitezimbere (ASBL) in collaboration with the IFDC, on the results, challenges, solutions and lessons learned from the support project for responsible and integrated management of soils (PAGRIS), took place last week in the Headquarters of the Cibitoke province. That activity began with the popularization of the content of the strategic orientation document for watershed development (DOSABV), made by a representative of the IFDC, Claude Nzisabira.

He indicated that the objective of the document is to promote integrated and integral management of watersheds. Indeed, he pointed out, the DOSABV recommends development with a community, participatory and inclusive approach.

For the provincial manager of PAGRIS, Emmanuel Ngendakumana, his project is implemented in two communes of Mabayi and Rugombo. PAGRIS places particular emphasis on reforestation and soil protection, through the tracing of contour lines, which are among the priorities of the province.

He added that the project uses two approaches, namely integrated soil fertility management and integrated farmer plan. It is in fact the integration of good agricultural practices, with the protection of soils and the improvement of their fertility, he explained.

For the National Coordinator of PAGRIS, Leopard Mirindi, the integrated producer plan (PIP) approach integrates actions into sustainable management plans for the agricultural operation, the watershed and the village. Such plans are developed by the target groups in collaboration with stakeholders.

He also spoke about soil management, fertility and capacity development followed by testimonies from project beneficiaries. He did not forget to come back to the constraints, such as the diversity of contradictory approaches, climatic hazards and others.