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Visits by the secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party to certain zones of the new province of Gitega


Oct 11, 2023

MURAMVYA, October 11th (ABP) – The secretary general of the CNDD-FDD party, Révérien Ndikuriyo, paid visits on October 9, 2023 respectively in the Gatabo, Muramvya, Shombo, Bugarama and Bukeye zones, in the new province of Gitega.

Wherever he went, the Bagumyabanga gathered to welcome him with presentation of the village themes aimed at preserving the party’s victory.

In his introductory speech, the new secretary of the said party in the new province of Gitega, Georges Nshimirimana, presented the new governing bodies recently set up to pilot the activities of the party in that new province.

Secretary General Ndikuriyo specified that he is carrying out field visits to present the new leaders at all levels to party activists. He took the opportunity to congratulate those who were chosen to lead the party in Gitega province.

He asked the Bagumyabanga to do everything to mobilize those who have not yet joined the party. He invited them to serve as an example in protecting the environment and good community health. He recommended that they promote hygiene and sanitation and reproductive health, without forgetting to grow coffee trees to significantly increase production which will provide foreign currency to the country.

Regarding patriotism, Mr. Ndikuriyo called on the Bagumyabanga leaders to refer to ancestors like Ntare Rugamba, Mwezi Gisabo, Bihome, Rwagasore, Pierre Nkurunziza and others who gave their all to save the country. Members of the CNDD-FDD party are also called upon to eradicate all forms of division. He reminded them of other visions aimed at development, among others, the upbringing of children through the “Turerere Uburundi” program and the schooling of all children.

At Bukeye Stadium where the ruling party general secretary closed the day’s activities, there was a crowd of Bagumyabanga who attentively followed the teachings. The Bukeye zone was ranked first in view of the participation rate in those zonal gatherings.

Note that the entertainment groups received rabbits as gifts from the secretary general of the presidential party.