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Call for not to be confused by rumors whatever their origin


Oct 2, 2023

KAYANZA, October 2nd (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, calls on the inhabitants of Kayanza (north) not to be disconcerted by rumors whatever their origin. This was said after the community development work he carried out in Butaganzwa commune, which consisted of mixing concrete for the paving of a communal hotel under construction.

That work was also attended by the minister responsible for the Interior, the office of the governor of Kayanza and the heads of provincial services.

Addressing the people, Mr. Bazombanza congratulated the residents of Kayanza and their leaders who have already understood the merits of community work and invited them to continue in the same vein. He also recommended that the people build multi-storey buildings that last a long time because, according to him, the world changes from year to year.

Mr. Bazombanza took the opportunity to point out that rumors become commonplace when elections approach, while the latter allow the people to put in place the leaders of their choice. Addressing the representatives of the people, he asked them to put forward the interests of their constituents by avoiding any form of injustice.