• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Handover of forty-two houses built for vulnerable people


Sep 20, 2023

RUTANA September 19th (ABP) – The governor of the province of Rutana, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, on Saturday September 16, 2023, opened forty-two houses which were built for vulnerable families of all communes of the province of Rutana. On that occasion, aid consisting of three tons of rice and two tons of beans, bedspreads, cans and other items was granted to the beneficiaries of the donation.

The governor of Rutana, in a white shirt, and the administrator of the Bukemba commune (in training), offering a donation to the beneficiary

In an interview he gave to the media on that occasion, Mr. Nibitanga said that this activity of handing over keys to beneficiaries marked the last day of the house construction campaign for the poor throughout the province, which lasted two years. According to him, the objective of building six hundred houses for the vulnerable or one hundred per commune was one hundred and twenty-four percent achieved because seven hundred and forty houses were built.

Governor Nibitanga took the opportunity to mention the new objective of the provincial administration which will consist of building seven hundred and twenty other houses for the remaining vulnerable in all communes, or one hundred and twenty per commune, in the next two years.

Those handed over houses were built thanks to the people and natives of the province living elsewhere, he admitted. He wanted to thank everyone for their contribution in carrying out that charitable act.

For the beneficiaries of the donation, they thanked the administration very much for choosing them among others having the same difficulties as them. They also did not fail to express their gratitude to the inhabitants of their constituencies who contributed physically so that those houses were built. After expressing his satisfaction with the spirit of mutual aid that he found in the inhabitants of the province of Rutana, Mr. Nibitanga called on them to remain united, in order to be able to develop their province and their country.