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The Vice President of the Republic warns against any attempt at fraud in the recruitment of new teachers


Sep 4, 2023

NGOZI September 4th (ABP) – During community development work on Saturday at the Agasaka stadium in Ngozi, the Vice President of the Republic, Prosper Bazombanza openly warned against any attempt at fraud in the recruitment of new teachers. “It is unacceptable that a person succeeds in the recruitment of teachers and misses the job, while another who did not succeed is working. It has also happened that a teacher who duly succeeded in the recruitment is falsely declared dead or missing, to be replaced by another who failed,” the Vice President of the Republic insisted.

Mr. Bazombanza took the opportunity to ask parents, teachers and pupils to prepare well for the next school year which will take place on September 18. He congratulated the winners who succeeded in the national contest for access to the basic education and wished them courage and to move forward so that the country can have competent intellectuals in the future.

To those who have not reached the 34 percent threshold for access to the post-basic education, Prosper Bazombanza suggested that they enroll in trade education because no country can develop without a skilled qualified workforce. Saturday’s work consisted of mixing and reconciling concrete for stadium finishing activities.