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Young people are called on to think about their self-development for their better future


Sep 1, 2023

BUBANZA September 1st (ABP) – The leader of the “Agro-pastoral Cooperative of Mitakataka-Kizina” (CAPMI), in Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi), Mr. Éric Nduwimana, called on young people to cut short with every behavior that does not contribute to their self-development and their better future, such as excessive alcohol consumption, hemp consumption and others.

Mr. Nduwimana, met in Kizina on Thursday, August 31, said that this cooperative was founded with the aim of withdrawing young people from unnecessary gatherings called “ligalas”, which lead them into bad behavior and plunge them into poverty.

                                                                                               Cows of improved breeds belonging to the CAPMI cooperative

The CAPMI Cooperative was founded in 2021, with a capital of 65 million BIF. It currently has a capital of more than 200 million BIF. It has 13 cows, 120 rabbits, 25 pigs, 17 sheep, 18 goats and pigeons. It also has a shelling machine. Nine young people were hired for the implementation of the projects of that cooperative. The latter plans to expand with the establishment of an agro-food processing unit, he revealed.

Mr. Nduwimana testified that this cooperative was beneficial to him. He was, in fact, able to buy a rice field and a motorcycle, he said, adding that his children no longer lack milk and meat.

However, he deplored that the cooperative lacked sufficient space and materials for the expansion of its farming projects. He called on other young people to team up in self-development cooperatives and to be creative, for their better future and that of the country. He asked the various development partners for financial, technical and material support. Note that the cooperative’s motto is “Working round-clock is possible”.