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Creativity isn’t exclusive to Westerners, says young maker of various machines


Aug 30, 2023

GITEGA August 30th (ABP) – A young innovator, by the name of Claude Bimenyimana (alias Jackson), residing in Songa village, Gitega commune and province (center of the country), is at work in his project for the manufacture of mechanical machines to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the rural people, as he told a check by ABP. Mr. Bimenyimana therefore has a production center for various machines.

In the agricultural sector, there are, among other things, irrigation pumps, hullers for rice, maize, wheat, sorghum, beans, to name but a few. In livestock farming, he manufactures machines that cut fodder grasses and livestock feed mixers.

In the field of infrastructure, he produces machines that produce quality bricks. Mr. Bimenyimana also manufactures carpentry machinery. He testified that his genius comes from a single year spent in a secondary technical school, though he failed.

He added that the motivation to venture into his field emanated from the messages delivered by the Burundian Head of State, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, in his sensitization to the youth to be enterprising to join the rest of Burundians on the path of development.

Speaking about the challenges he faces, Mr. Bimenyimana raised mainly the financial inability to procure a machine called “Tower”, which would help him be faster in his productions. Hence, he asked the public authorities or national or even international organizations to visit his production center to assess his condition and be able to lend him a strong hand, if possible.

Moreover, the same center has a charitable character because it supervises school dropouts, orphans or destitute children free of charge on the manufacture of the machines mentioned above. Mr. Bimenyimana would also like to be supported to improve his production center in order to accommodate many children in the aforementioned category as well as others who wish to do so. Creativity is not the privilege to Westerners only, but is gifted to every courageous person, he concluded.