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The promotion of development goes hand in hand with the population growth control


Aug 28, 2023

BUJUMBURA August 28th (ABP) – The Twitezimbere Association, which has been focusing its activities on community development and food security since 1993, has embarked on the theme of sexual reproductive health (SRH) because without controlling population growth, the development of a country would be an illusion.

This message was delivered by the executive secretary of the “Reproductive Health” project, Mrs. Sonia Akimana, during a plea and awareness session for communal administrators, faith leaders, youth, women, education and health representatives, on Friday August 25, 2023, at the headquarters of Mutimbuzi commune, to inform them about the population growth-related problem in Burundi. According to Mrs. Akimana, development and food security are intimately linked with family planning. She added that if you want to plan for a family, you think about the number of children you have to have and think about the family economy.

                                                                                                                                                  View of the guests

The objective of the meeting was to analyze the situation of population growth and to inform local authorities, religious denominations and other persons concerned, about the demographic situation of their province with indicators. It was also an occasion of informing participants about the rate of unwanted pregnancies in schools and the rate of adherence to contraceptive methods in healthcare facilities. Once aware of this sad reality, the administrative officials and the faith leaders in their own locality must feel that they are committed to taking concrete action with regard to the problem of population growth, Mrs. Akimana noted.

She called on the guests to put on the agenda of their programs, awareness on reproductive health. If people realize that all the leaders talk about it, they will join the program without difficulty, she said.