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Five innovative projects have been accepted during competition


Aug 28, 2023

MWARO August 28th (ABP) – Veterinary pharmacy, onion cultivation, ICT, sewing, and the mixed beauty salon are the projects that were selected on Friday August 25, in the provincial competition for innovative projects that was organized by the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ).

On that occasion, advice was given to young people. The socio-cultural adviser to the governor of Mwaro, Claver Ngurube, asked them not to leave the country. He indicated that young people occupy a large part of the Burundian population. The government’s vision to have an emerging country in 2040 and a developed one 2060 is possible. He congratulated young people who have been funded by the PAEEJ and who have started to repay. He encouraged those who were selected and invited them to start working.

Note that the five projects selected, the first will have funding amounting to 10 million Burundi francs, the second 9,500,000 BIF, the third 9,000,000 BIF, the fourth 8,500,000 BIF and 8,000,000 BIF for the fifth. According to the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program representative in Mwaro, the funding will be paid back interest free.