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School kit has been distributed


Aug 21, 2023

BURURI August 21st (ABP) – 14,326 orphans and other vulnerable children received school materials consisting of notebooks and pens as well as 214 health insurance cards. That activity was launched on Friday in Songa Commune in the premises of the secondary technical school of Kiryama. Juvent Ndayikeza, the governor’s chief of staff, praised the special efforts of parents who have organized themselves and grouped together in village associations called “dushigikire impfuvyi” (Supporting orphans). The parents contribute two hundred Burundian francs each week and at the end of the year they collect the contributions. In Bururi province, the total amount is 150 million.

The governor’s chief of staff asked the beneficiaries to study well, maintain this precious aid well and to promote good Burundian mores.