• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Cases of early pregnancy in schools remain remarkable


Jun 12, 2024

KAYANZA, June 12th (ABP) – Some thirty young girls in Kayanza province dropped out of school during the first two terms of the current school year as a result of pregnancy, according to the provincial director of education in Kayanza province, Désiré Hatungimana.

The main perpetrators, according to him, are drivers and motorcyclists, their fellow pupils, teachers including religious teachers, and officials in various sectors. He was pleased to see that the number of pregnancies was gradually falling, thanks to awareness-raising sessions aimed at parents and pupils to encourage them to be the first to report the perpetrators.

Although the number of pupils who became pregnant during the third term is not yet known, Mr Hatungimana confirms that cases of school drop-outs linked to early pregnancies are still a worrying reality.

Note that 50 young girls were impregnated during the past school year.