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The Prime Minister has assisted the vulnerable from Bukinanyana, his native commune


Aug 9, 2023

CIBITOKE August 9th (ABP) – As part of the National Day dedicated to Local Solidarity, Burundi Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca, who was worthily absent that day due to other duties, went on Monday, August 7, to his native commune, Bukinanyana, for assistance to the vulnerable from all the villages making up that commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

For his gesture of solidarity, 4000 iron sheets were granted to nearly 160 vulnerable people, chosen from all the villages, and who have already erected the walls of their houses. Secondly, 500 hoes were granted, at the rate of two per household, to 250 neediest families, identified in different villages. Thirdly, 400 rabbits were handed to the most vulnerable from all 30 villages of Bukinanyana, at the rate of 13 rabbits per village, including 10 females and three males.

                                                                 The Prime Minister grants the rabbits to the vulnerable

On the sidelines of that assistance granted on behalf of his family, the Prime Minister of the Republic called on all the natives of his commune to mutual love and local solidarity. He invited everyone to help one another, amongst neighbors, and everyone to make their own good practice of local solidarity.

He gave advice to the beneficiaries of that aid, for its proper use. For rabbit farming, he said that the males distributed will be at the service of the whole village, and that the community solidarity chain will be adopted, so that those rabbits multiply in favor of all the inhabitants of the said commune.

He warned all administrative officials who will be caught demanding bribes from the vulnerable to put them on the lists of people to be assisted.