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Employers are called upon to comply with the law


Jun 21, 2023

RUTANA June 21st (ABP) – Employers who do not give employment contracts to their employees should read the Labor Code and the Social Protection Code, in order to understand the texts governing work and cut short with this practice, “because sanctions can be imposed on them”. This was said by the representative of the permanent executive secretary office of the national social protection committee, in the province of Rutana, Mr. Anselme Banyiyezako. It was on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, during a statutory meeting with the members of the said secretary office in the province of Rutana.

                                                        View of the participants

During the meeting, participants indicated that the lack of information or ignorance of the contents of the labor code and that of social protection, mean that the majority of employers in the said province do not give employment contracts or do not provide contributions, to prepare a good pension for their employees.

Mr. Banyiyezako deplored that this case also occurs in private and public institutions, while being frequent in the informal sector.

He called on all employers to comply with the legal texts governing labor in Burundi because, otherwise, sanctions will be applied to them in accordance with the law.