• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Towards the collection and use of geomatics data


Jun 12, 2023

BUJUMBURA June 12th (ABP) – Geomatics data from the different sectors of national life are of great need, said Mr. Julius Niyongabo, expert of the Bureau of Geomatics Centralization (BCG) and professor of artificial intelligence in universities, during an awareness session for communal administrators and heads of provincial and communal services held on Wednesday, June 7, at the headquarters of Kabezi commune, on geomatics data. He called on participants to collect this data, on a daily basis, in their services.

He indicated that geomatics data in agriculture, education, health and in other fields make it possible to make good decisions for the population, to anticipate or prevent difficult situations and to act at the appropriate time. The collection of such information has been done in Burundi since 2013 and geomatics data is produced by different ministries and the wish is that this system be decentralized and that it arrives at the lowest level. The establishment of the Geomatics Centralization Bureau was guided by the desire to coordinate the actors, collect and store data and exchange them, underlined the expert, adding that geomatics is the management of geographical information using computing. He pointed out, finally, that the added value of geomatics is the control of the environment and the knowledge of the territory to make enlightened decisions.

Bujumbura province was the sixteenth province visited in that process to sensitize the heads of decentralized services of the provinces and communes with a view to a wide collection and use of geomatic data, Expert Julius Niyongabo specified.