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The President of the Republic has met with all senior executives and executives appointed by decree


Jun 12, 2023

BUJUMBURA June 12th (ABP) – The President of the Republic, Mr. Evariste Ndayishimiye, met on Friday, June 9, 2023, at the presidential palace of Kiriri, the senior executives and executives appointed by the State.

The President of the Republic indicated that those executives have great responsibilities and accountability to the people of Burundi whom they must serve. They should be real leaders in order to lead people towards the achievement of the goals set for development: “an emerging Burundi in 2040″. Unfortunately, he noted, some of them take the lead by doing the opposite and consequently push people into precariousness.

Mr. Ndayishimiye mentioned that the ills facing the people of Burundi are caused to them by some of the same senior executives and executives of the country. For him, the first thing they must keep in mind in the exercise of their functions is to respect God. He regretted the behavior of some of them who go into witchcraft to be kept in their positions.

Continuing in the same line of ideas, Mr. Ndayishimiye cited the lack of money circulating, another situation that was caused by some of the same senior officials and executives of the country who were present. This is the money that has been stored in the properties to the chagrin of the entire Burundian population who lack liquidity. He explained that the measure taken by the central bank to repatriate the money in its coffers and put into circulation new banknotes, aims to bring back to the BRB that money which is buried in the properties and which, according to him, amounts ” between 400 and 500 billion BIF”.

President Ndayishimiye also noted the concern of the population about the work carried out by justice. He mentioned that currently in Burundi, the problem of security, lack of food, are no longer relevant except that of disputes at the level of justice. People are not satisfied with the work of justice in terms of judgment, according to the President of the Republic. The legal disputes are badly settled following corruption. Justice officials should be the first to practice righteousness, but unfortunately this is not the case, President Ndayishimiye said.

The President of the Republic called on those executives to take their responsibilities seriously. He advised them not to wait for his reaction to get up and implement what they have been appointed, at the risk of being ejected from their positions and appointing others, who are more competent.

Mr. Ndayishimiye criticized the behavior of certain directors general who put a spoke in the wheels of ministers by not making their task easier, arguing that they have been appointed in the same capacity as them. He even noted the behavior of some who do not take his remarks into account in the work, until he personally moves to have actions carried out.

                                                  View of the senior officials and executives appointed by decree

The President of the Republic returned to the new regulations in the finance law, which take account of the budget-program model. He considered that some of the senior officials and executives do not want to apply it because they can no longer benefit from it by setting aside taxpayers’ money for their benefit. He rather said that the application of those regulations will be an evaluation which will show that the latter have discharged their duties well, otherwise, they will be dismissed to give work to the most deserving, he said.

Regarding the achievement of the 2040 vision, he recalled that the countdown has begun. He asked those responsible for statistics to produce reports to inform on the state of the existing and to make projections to arrive at the evaluation.

Mr. Ndayishimiye warned that he will look into all the files submitted to him and in all the Ministries. He said he will do everything possible to unblock the problems related to judgments and various shortcomings observed, even within the Ministry of Public Service and that of Finance.

He advised those senior executives and executives to keep in mind that the people are the foundation of public powers, patriotism, more responsibilities. He called for giving oneself a vision and self-assessment every day. He also called for vigilance against financial fraud, he informed them that an evaluation on the meeting will be done next year.