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The Sangwe Gasenyi Cooperative, an example from Mwaro province


Apr 30, 2023

MWARO April 30th (ABP) – The Sangwe Gasenyi Cooperative in Makamba zone of Rusaka commune is better placed in the country. This was said by the president of this cooperative, Mélance Ndayishimiye, met last week, when the members were collecting corn grains.

Mr. Ndayishimiye indicated that they harvested between 7 and 8 tons of maize seeds for this agricultural season B. There was an advantage compared to last year, when they only harvested 1.5 tons of corn seeds stand. He pointed out that at the communal and provincial level, their cooperative ranks first while at the national level, it ranks among the top five.

He added that in the 2022 A agricultural season, they harvested 27 tons of potatoes from 3 hectares. She also grew wheat on 5 ha.

Alongside agriculture, the Sangwe Gasenyi cooperative practices modern animal husbandry. She also has four cows and also does the transport thanks to a probox type vehicle bought from the profit.

Mr. Ndayishimiye called on all citizens to join cooperatives because, according to him, the latter are advantageous. A member of the cooperative learns to cultivate in a modern way and also receives selected seeds, hence the increase in production.