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Appeal to the love of work and development


Apr 30, 2023

RUYIGI April 30th (ABP) – The community development work of April 22, 2023 which took place in the headquarters of Ruyigi province, was honored with the presence of the President of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Valentin Bagorikunda.

In a message he addressed to the people of that place on behalf of the Burundian State, Mr. Bagorikunda asked them to go about work with development so that Burundi could achieve the objective of becoming an emerging country by the year 2040 and a developed country by 2060.

According to him, all countries in the world have been developed by their own citizens. He encouraged the communal administrative officials to put an end to the problem of places known as ligalas, to prevent young people from saying they are idle. He encouraged people to join forces in cooperatives for development. He also advised participants in the day’s activities to keep peace, tighten security and social cohesion, while pointing out that, in their absence, development remains impossible.

Mr. Bagorikunda also spoke about the protection of infrastructures of public interest, where he invited everyone to zero tolerance to any individual who ventured to disturb them. He also called on Burundians to respect and support political leaders at all levels down to the level of the sub-villages. The last appeal was based on the sanitation of everyone’s living and working environment, specifying that no stranger will come to do so.

Note that this work consisted of filling the gravel in the potholes and cleaning the gutters of the Ruyigi-Bwagiriza road.