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Young people are called upon to enlist for a military career


Apr 5, 2023

KAYANZA April 5th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (north), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, invites parents to sensitize young people so that they embrace a military career.

He said it when we are in the registration period for young people wishing to embrace that career and that they are not registering properly.

It was on Monday at the end of his visits to the Butaganzwa and Ninga zones of Butaganzwa commune to collect the grievances of the people.

In her welcoming speech, the communal administrator of Butaganzwa, Mrs. Janvière Kanyana, indicated that the cohabitation is generally good despite the differences in political and religious affiliation. However, she castigated the cases of sexual vagrancy and sexual violence against women and girls in that commune.

                                                                           View of the inhabitants of the Ninga zone

Taking the floor in turn, governor Cishahayo pointed out that the young people of Kayanza come to be registered drop by drop to embrace a military career.

Since Butaganzwa commune has a historical drumming site called Nyabuhoro, the provincial authority in Kayanza recommended the communal administration to build houses for two old drummers who have been doing that activity since the royal period. On his own, he promised the iron sheets for the roofing of those houses.

The visits to the zones continued in the Nyabibuye and Burarana zones of Butaganzwa and Matongo communes respectively.