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The Senate has opened the ordinary parliamentary session of April 2023


Apr 4, 2023

GITEGA April 4th (ABP) – The President of the Upper House of the Burundian Parliament, Mr. Emmanuel Sinzohagera, proceeded, on Monday April 3, 2023, to the opening of the activities of the ordinary parliamentary session of April 2023.

In his speech for the occasion, he took stock of the achievements of the senators during the parliamentary recess. To that end, Mr. Sinzohagera cited, among other things, the collection of the concerns among the people, the sensitization of the latter on the safeguarding of peace and security, the need for community development work, the adherence from politics to family planning, protecting the environment and increasing agricultural production.

Moreover, he continued to say, the senators were present at the various festivities organized both in the interior and outside the country. On the sidelines of the above mentioned, he announced 12 bills sent by the Burundian government which will be analyzed and passed by senators during that session. Among those bills, he cited in particular the bill revising the mining code of Burundi, the bill revising the bylaw of lawyer and the bill relating to the exemption of visas for holders of diplomatic, service and special passports between the government of the Republic of Burundi and the government of the Kingdom of Morocco, signed in Rabat.

Before closing, Mr. Sinzohagera called on the senators to remain alongside their electorate and to work in accordance with the prescriptions of the responsible and hardworking Government, to lead the people of Burundi on the path of revolution. He also asked them to sensitize the people on the preservation of Burundian culture and mores, arguing that the good education of youth depends on it.

The opening ceremonies of the April 2023 parliamentary session took place in the hemicycle of Gitega (center of the country), and. They were attended by diplomats accredited to Burundi, the governor of Gitega province and senior State executives dominated mostly by residents of Gitega. Abp/dnt