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The Vice President of the Republic urges coffee growers to avoid the practice of usufructuary


Mar 21, 2023

NGOZI March 20 (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi Prosper Bazombanza has asked coffee growers of Ngozi to avoid the usufructuary for their coffee plantations.

For Mr. Bazombanza, the owners of the coffee trees must properly maintain and enhance their plants more than before. To encourage them, the government is carrying out studies to see how to encourage coffee growers, whose producer price increase: “I cannot say how much, but technicians are at work to determine the cherry price. It is therefore extremely urgent that coffee growers reconnect with the coffee tradition of Ngozi, a province once renowned for the quality and quantity of coffee,” Mr. Bazombanza.

Being on community work on Saturday, March 18 at the stadium called Agasaka of Ngozi, Mr. Bazombanza provided pieces of advice to the leaders of the province. It is first to complete the construction of the Agasaka stadium started more than 10 years ago and then to start other projects. This is also the planning principle with reference to the Annual Work Plan and Budget (PTBA). Thus, the projects in progress in the communes should be evaluated and completed in order to begin a new planning with the budgetary year which begins next July. Finally, he asked all the inhabitants of Ngozi to maintain at least one crop field in their homes, however small it may be, so that the slogan of the Head of State that every mouth should have something to eat and every pocket money be a reality. That Saturday’s community work consisted of bringing the cement closer to the masons for the finishing of the bleachers around the Agasaka stadium of Ngozi.