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The National Assembly Speaker calls on the people to have an open heart to forgiveness


Mar 21, 2023

GITEGA March 21st (ABP) – The Speaker of the National Assembly (AN) of Burundi, Mr. Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe, has encouraged the people of Burundi to surrender themselves entirely to God in order to continue to have blessings from him. Restoring the image of the Burundian in the concert of nations also depends on it.

Mr. Ndabirabe made those remarks after the community work (TDC) he carried out on Saturday March 18, 2023, alongside the people of Gitega province, parliamentarians elected in the constituency of Gitega, the governor of the province of Gitega, Mr. Venant Manirambona, as well as elements of the national defense and security forces.

To corroborate his remarks, Mr. Ndabirabe recalled the places of choice that Burundi has acquired very recently within the African Union, in the community of Central African States, in the community of East African States and others. “It is the Almighty’s reaction to the prayers of Burundians and their leaders that they have given God first place in their constitution,” Ndabirabe said. He added that God will never stop showering graces on Burundians as long as they continue to implore him.

In the same logic, Mr. Ndabirabe invited Burundians to surpass themselves with regarding the multiple consequences of the socio-political crises that Burundi went through after its political independence. There is no need of continuing to talk of resentment, revenge, mistrust and hateful spirit against those who dipped their hand in those despicable acts that plunged the country into desolation.

Instead of those attitudes, Mr. Ndabirabe rather hoped that mutual forgiveness, reconciliation, conviviality and harmony would prevail within the national components. In this way, we will have abounded in the will of the Almighty who recommends to love one another, he reassured. Mr. Ndabirabe delivered all those lessons to call on Burundians to prepare for the adherence to the next sessions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the primacy of forgiveness to heal forever the wounds of the victims of the crises mentioned above.

Previously, a welcoming speech by the provincial governor had mentioned the will of the people of his province in the implementation of the TDCs to make Gitega the political capital of the country in the truest sense of the term. Today’s TDCs consisted of unblocking the gutter of the RN8 road linking Gitega with the eastern and southern provinces of the country.