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People are called upon to clog up potholes in national roads


Mar 7, 2023

RUTANA March 7th (ABP) – The village leaders of Rutana commune having a national road that runs along their hills of responsibility must, together with the people of their respective villages, clog up all the potholes being in those roads within a period not exceeding one week, the governor of the Rutana province, Olivier Nibitanga, ordered them on Saturday March 4, 2023, after the community development work which consisted of the maintenance of the national road number seven linking the provinces of Bujumbura Mairie and Rutana, on the Matutu hill in Rutana commune.

Mr. Nibitanga informed them that a trip will be organized to ensure the implementation of that order.

He deplored that the measure of permanent stabling is not respected in the villages of that province. He called on the village leaders to impose fines on the owners of those domestic animals, who flout that law.

He called on village administrative officials and the entire provincial population to always participate in community development work in their villages of residence, and not to wait for senior administrative officials to take part because, he said, the work contributes to their own development.