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Aid has been granted to orphanages based in Rutana


Mar 7, 2023

RUTANA March 7th (ABP) – The leader of the women’s league “Abakenyererarugamba” affiliated to the CNDD-FDD party, Mrs. Marie Goreth Yamuremye, accompanied by some of the members of the league at the national level, carried out on Saturday March 4, 2023, acts of charity at two orphanages in Rutana commune and at the district hospitals of Rutana and Gihofi.

At the Saint Joseph orphanage located in the Kigova village and zone, as well as at the Iratabara House located in downtown Rutana, belonging to a bachelor by the named of Désiré Ndagijimana, they donated biscuits, juices and soaps.

Afterwards, members of the women’s league at the national level went to the district hospitals of Rutana and Gihofi.

In an interview she gave to the press at the end of those activities, Mrs. Yamuremye mentioned they were able to pay the bill of a destitute patient who was bedridden in Rutana hospital. In total, she said, a bill of three million forty-five thousand Burundi francs was paid, to get six patients out of the hospital.

During the said interview, Mrs. Yamuremye said that the money that was used for the purchase of the goods granted resulted in the contributions of the women members of the said league at the national level.

She pointed out that the choice of the Rutana province was made in order to thank the women members of the said league in that province, who have contributed a lot in the implementation of their current project, consisting in the multiplication of food crops in endangered in the country like cocoyams and Jerusalem artichoke. Note that Mrs. Yamuremye took the opportunity to thank the women affiliated with the ruling party in Rutana province, who gave land to carry out those activities, and who continue to contribute considerably to the success of that project.