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An AK47 rifle was found after a day of theft


Mar 1, 2023

KAYANZA March 1st (ABP) – A rigid AK47 stolen on Saturday from a soldier by the name of Jean Marie Hakizimana assigned to the Kivuvu military station of Kabarore commune in Kayanza province (north) was found on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

The communal police commissioner in Kabarore, Major Police Eric Bigirimana, said that this rifle was found after the police, the defense forces and other members of the joint security committees carried out a search in 25 households and in the forests near which the firearm was stolen. Unfortunately, that search yielded nothing. After all this, a businessman by the name of Vincent Ndagijimana, promised a sum of 10,000,000 BIF to whoever would show where the rifle was hidden or whoever would denounce the thief. After a short period of time, a Rwandan called, asking for an advance of 400,000 BIF so that he could show where the gun was.

After receiving the sum, he told them the direction to take to recover that weapon. Also, in that commune of Kabarore, a certain Appolinaire Niyonkuru pierced a house and stabbed Mrs. Yvonne Nibitanga from Kigeri village. The injured is now bedridden in Kayanza hospital while the alleged perpetrator is in the hands of a judicial police officer for investigation of his case.