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Distribution of food aid to victims of weather variation


Feb 28, 2023

KAYANZA February 28th (ABP) – Aid consisting of beans, maize grains and salt was granted on Sunday to 223 vulnerable families from the three villages of the Mbirizi zone in Gatara commune of Kayanza province (north). Those villages were affected more than the others by rains mixed with hail and the strong wind, which fell in that commune last month.

The communal administrator of Gatara, Mrs. Sylvane Gakuyano, indicated that all that aid was collected by the people and the natives of that commune, a check by ABP revealed. According to her, the choice of the vulnerable from the Kanyankuru, Kibayi and Munini villages is due to the fact that the means were limited. If the means allowed, they would have assisted all the victims of the recent torrential rains, asking well-wishers and other partners to get involved materially in that charitable act so that the victims of those weather variations are able to proceed with sowing during the crop season B of 2023 already in progress. That person in authority congratulated his constituents and the natives of her commune who continue to demonstrate charitable acts towards the poor. Mrs. Gakuyano urged the recipients of that assistance not to waste it, but rather to promote the farming sector in order to block the road to poverty and hunger. Contacted on the site, the beneficiaries of the aid expressed a feeling of gratitude and asked other benefactors to take the example. Note that each of the 223 households received 12 kilograms of maize grains, six kilograms of bean seeds and two kilograms of salt.