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150 people have been assisted with food and health insurance cards


Mar 1, 2023

BURURI March 1st (ABP) – Some 150 people from the Muhweza, Mwaruzi, Gikana-Rwamabuye, Gitobo and Musongati villages in the Muhweza zone of Rutovu commune received on Sunday in Muhweza, food assistance consisting of 800 kg of maize flour, 450 kg of beans and 150 health insurance cards for the most vulnerable. Mrs. Gloriose Berahino, deputy chairperson of the Rutovu communal council, who raised the necessary funds for that activity, indicated that the selection criteria were objective. The oldest, the widows/widowers, the orphans and the disabled were chosen. Each household returned with 5 kg of maize flour, 3 kg of beans and a health insurance card. The recipients of assistance commended that human and charitable act because, they added, a good part of the population lives in poverty and hunger, because the summer period has been very long, which results in the lateness of harvest. Note that this activity was carried out thanks to the contribution of natives of the Muhweza zone and an association of Burundian doctors living in Belgium called “world caregivers”.