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Call for the maintenance of road infrastructure


Feb 22, 2023

GITEGA February 21st (ABP) – The communal administrator of Gitega, in the Gitega province (center of the country), Dr Jacques Nduwimana, joined the people of the urban center and those from Birohe village, rural zone of Gitega, in the execution of community development works which consisted in the unblocking of the gutter of the RN8, at the level of the polytechnic university of Gitega, 4 km from the urban center of Gitega. That work saw the massive participation of the police.

In his remarks, Dr. Nduwimana thanked everyone among the participants in the community development works, especially for the responsible citizenship displayed in the maintenance of that public road infrastructure, which was threatened with demolition by stagnant rainwater, he specified.

He also invited them to respond to the next events to complete the work in question. In addition, he asked the same people to go about sanitation work in their respective neighborhoods or respective villages, to create a healthy living environment. It is an appeal of the Burundi Head of State of which all citizens must obey, he recommended in conclusion.